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Enigma puts private and public data to work to solve the world's most challenging operational problems.

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The New York Times
American Red Cross
American Express
Gouvernement de la République française
Merck Millipore
Stanford University

Data Insights On Tap

Our solutions convert data into an enterprise asset by making it accessible and contextually relevant to all lines of business.


Powerful infrastructure that gets data where it needs to be.


Integrated database that powers applications and analytics.


The intelligence engine for automated decision making.

Expertly-Curated Data Packages

Power operational and investment strategies with high-quality, up-to-date data collections.

Oil & Gas Data

Determine investment decisions with well, production and operator data that is normalized for easier analysis and linking.

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Reference Data

Develop in-depth market knowledge by enhancing proprietary data with economic and demographic Census data.

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Company Data

Improve underwriting and prospecting processes with business records data to build instant, robust profiles of companies.

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Healthcare Data

Drive product strategy and track competitive activity using life sciences, healthcare utilization and population health data.

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Enigma has carved out a unique place for itself in the market. The real difference is in their approach - they're hyper focused on data as the 'key', rather than the problem or the solution. And CIOs see benefits right out of the gate during proof of concept - that’s big.
Greg Papadopoulos
CTO (former), Sun Microsystems · Venture Partner, NEA
Collaborating with Enigma is just the latest example of how the City is using data to provide more efficient and more effective services to the people of New Orleans.
Andy Kopplin
First Deputy Mayor, City of New Orleans
Where many new technologies falter for want of a compelling value proposition, Enigma partners with organizations to develop strategies at the intersection of public and private data to trigger repeatable, revenue-generating insights utilizing its powerful platform.
Scott Sandell
Managing General Partner, NEA
Enigma is reshaping the way financial services understand and predict their customers' needs, helping them make smarter decisions. This promises to be a breakout success for both New York City and the FinTech Innovation Lab, and we are very excited to see what their future holds.
Maria Gotsch
President and CEO, Partnership Fund for New York City
Water resource scarcity increasingly challenges California and the world. I have 100% confidence in Enigma's platform and the repeatability of their results ingesting and integrating the State of California's water data. We now have the foundation to improve how we tackle a global problem, at the State level, using real data.
Patrick Atwater
Project Manager, California Data Collaborative · Civic Data Scientist, ARGO Labs
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