Find Truth in Data:
Enigma takes the mystery
out of data-driven decisions.


Take control of your data with Enigma's Abstract platform and Signals engine


Abstract unifies all of your data in order to drive action and transparency across the organization.

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Signals is your purpose-built analytics engine for automating decision-making at scale.

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Insights you can use

The quantity of data created by governments and businesses is growing exponentially. Organizations are struggling just to store it all, let alone make sense of it. At Enigma, we believe an extraordinary amount of value and insight is being lost in the process. That’s why we set out to create technologies that unify data, whether public or private, so that it can be brought to bear on the world's most important problems.


Public is our open platform. It unifies billions of records from thousands of government sources to make the world of public data universally accessible and useful.


S​ignals​ is an intelligence engine that uncovers hidden insights in data and supports automated decision making.


Our Abstract​ platform collects and harmonizes data from any source into one integrated database layer to power applications and analytics.


Data fascinates us at Enigma and we believe it can transform how we understand and interact with the world. We're hiring for a broad range of positions and would love to hear from you.

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