Close the gap between your organization and its data.

We believe in the transformative power of data. When it is accessible and can be seamlessly explored and analyzed, data has the potential to drive impactful change. So we’ve built a platform for managing all of your data in an intuitive and high-performance interface.

The possibilities of your data together, in one place.

For years, organizations have invested in data management systems to collect and operationalize their data. But, deriving insight from that data has been an afterthought in the development of those systems. The Abstract platform is a new approach that simplifies data ingestion, fusion, search, and master data management.

Many sources of data plugging in to the Abstract product icon

Add an API everywhere.

Bringing data together within an organization is critical. Databases, legacy systems, spreadsheets, and documents each paint a small part of the picture. When brought together, this data provides a holistic view and enables effective action. Abstract's powerful replication technology unifies your data so you can spend more time asking important questions and less time wrangling data.

A magnified area of a search results page, showing numerical data

Search: find what you're looking for.

Powerful search and organizational tools deployed  across your entire organization so you can locate and organize data as you see fit.

Three different data sources with shapes connecting shared data points between them

Fusion: schema shouldn’t stand in the way.

Fluidly manipulate your data with Abstract’s machine-learned ontology management for a powerful data fusion experience that just works.

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Engineered around one core goal: helping you make smart decisions through fast and fluid interfaces.

Data points entering a funnel with concentrated medium as the output


Pull data from anywhere. Abstract supports a broad range of systems and is easily extensible across your IT organization.

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Simple to deploy. SaaS, Cloud, and
On-Premise solutions available.

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Abstract manages billions of rows of public data. Automatically augment your data with the power of this content.

Two stacks of equally-sized disc shapes, the second being twice as tall


Abstract supports data volumes of up to four petabytes (4096TB).

Stacked disc shapes with a padlock in the foreground


Fully encrypted connections and storage. Flexible permissions let you control which users have access to sensitive data.


Your data is mission critical. Our mission is to guarantee you a fantastic product and a support experience that goes above and beyond. Leveraging a robust monitoring infrastructure, Abstract ensures that your deployment is running smoothly and that problems are spotted early and resolved swiftly.

A graphic of a mechanical gearAvailable as a service.

Secure data management for datasets up to 10TB and organizations up to 100 users. Signup is easy.

A graphic of a cloudIn the Cloud.

Abstract can be deployed and managed by Enigma in our Abstract Cloud, or in your own virtual private cloud (VPC).

A graphic of a document or paperOn-Premise.

For applications demanding the highest-grade security, Abstract is available for deployment on-premise, behind your firewall.

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