Rely on purpose-built infrastructure that gets data where it needs to be

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Learn how ParseKit powers the world's largest
public data repository.

Streamline your data operations

Make your data teams more efficient and your data pipelines more reliable.
Less time spent on-boarding datasets means more time for your analysts to do actual analysis.

Systematize Onboarding

Less custom code means less maintenance.

Assemble and maintain pipelines efficiently with flexible, reusable steps and interactive debugging.

Boost Reliability

Critical processes demand predictable data delivery.

Deploy resilient pipelines at scale with automated scheduling, provisioning, and error alerting.

Foster Collaboration

Teamwork begins with transparency.

Get data analysts and developers on the same page with a shared real-time view of data status and performance.

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Use building blocks, not custom code

Avoid repetitive tasks and challenging maintenance that comes with custom code. Build modular pipelines at scale with our vast library of reusable "steps". Both source and destination-agnostic, ParseKit is fully extensible and designed to support any data format or protocol.

Automate and monitor data delivery

Run parsers at specific times or set dynamic rules to run recurring jobs, so your data is always current. ParseKit optimizes server-resource requests for each run, logs performance metrics for every execution cycle and instantly sends detailed error alerts and metadata to simplify debugging.

Keep teams informed and connected

Stay up-to-date on the scheduling, health, and status of every pipeline through a single streamlined interface. Team- and role-based permissioning give you auditability and total control over what every user can access or view.

Extensible with the Tools You Know and Love

The Python community has your back

Extend ParseKit with custom steps written in Python, with support from any of the 100,000+ open-source packages actively maintained by the community. Host those new steps on an internal PyPI server to instantly share them with anyone in your organization.

Keep your existing developer workflow

Assemble, debug, and test your pipeline on your local machine using familiar tools and conventions, such as virtualenv and requirements.txt. ParseKit will pull the latest version from your git repository and execute it with the same dependencies in a containerized environment.

Designed to Serve Developers, IT DevOps and Data Analysts


  • Domain-Specific Language: Ansible-like language based on YAML
  • Interactive debugging with breakpoints, pause on exception and more
  • Dozens of pre-built steps to support many popular sources and destinations
  • Powerful CLI


  • Private PyPI-like server to host custom ParseKit steps
  • REST API to control and automate every aspect of the Platform
  • Fine-grained scheduling and support for time zones
  • One-click execution of any pipeline
  • Instant alerts and notifications for error handling
  • Webhooks for real-time integrations
  • Full encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • LDAP authentication
  • Support for Kerberos
  • Complete audit trail of data and users
  • Full parser execution logs

Support every step of the way

We'll get you up and running quickly and keep you in-the-know at every turn.

ParseKit comes with a detailed documentation library and a robust training portal with product guides, tutorials, and use cases. We also offer custom training sessions and on-demand support.

Learn what ParseKit can do for your data operations