Public data is all around us

Public data can tell us a lot about the world. We can learn how many cars traveled through the Holland Tunnel in the last hour, what was in all those containers unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles this morning, and from whom our politicians are receiving money. This data was born of the people, often created by agencies accountable to the people. And so, we’ve made it available to all people at no cost.

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Our public data platform is the world’s largest and most robust store of government information.

We make it easy to search across diverse public datasets, discover new datasets you did not know existed, and explore the connections in between them. Follow your curiosity and find the answers you need.

A visualization of many sources of data like oil production and manufacturing being extracted from the internet, loaded into Enigma, and made available on a website and through an API


Enigma’s public data platform unifies billions of data points from more than 5,000 local, state, federal, and international sources. Explore things as diverse as SEC filings, government spending contracts, liens, patents, asset ownership, bills of lading, and much more.

A graphic of stacked dollar bills, representing Financial Data
A graphic of a leaf, representing Environmental Data
A graphic of a lightbulb, representing Intellectual Property Data
A graphic of a waveform, representing Health Data
A graphic of a bar chart, representing Public Reporting Data
A graphic of an office cabinet with drawers, representing Business Data
A graphic of a lightning bolt, representing Energy Data
A graphic of stacked sheets of dots, with some linking lines drawn between various dots

Enigma releases all of its data under a Creative Commons License for anyone in the open-source or civic community to freely build upon and extend. We regularly collaborate with not-for-profits, governments, journalists, and many other committed and curious people to help put data to good use. If you would like to help out or suggest a project, please get in touch.

For commercial applications of our data we have many solutions available for enterprises of every size. Please contact us and a member of our sales team will help find you the best solution.

For any question, inquiry about collaborations, or use of our data
for commercial purposes, feel free to contact us.

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