Put data at the center of every critical decision.

Data is powerful when it drives action. Yet too often organizations miss the real-time value of their data because analysis takes time and is difficult to repeat. So, we created Signals, a set of applications that leverage billions of public data points to allow you to automate intelligent decision-making at scale.

Your organization makes crucial decisions constantly.

Signals help you make better-informed decisions from your data, faster. Harmonizing public and private data streams, Signals generate actionable insights that integrate directly into your workflows.

A visualization graphic of public and private data being translated into a graph, fed into Enigma's 'Signal Engine', and decisions emerging at the end of the flow

The value of data is determined by how well you use it.

Signals work on top of Abstract, our platform for ingesting, fusing, and searching data. Extending billions of Public records into your enterprise, Signals power purpose-built applications, analytical models, automated data streams, and APIs to help make every decision smarter.

A graphic of puzzle pieces fitted together


Custom-tuned APIs connect directly with your data and into your workflow with ease.

A graphic of unfilled circles of varying size and shape


We don’t just deliver the output. We show you the underlying data behind every decision.

A graphic of a complex three-dimensional shape made of interleaving squares


Schema and ontology are central to scaling data analytics. Unlock yours with our proprietary algorithms.

A visualization graphic demonstrating the concept of data entities living in multiple sources, but interconnected as an abstract graph

Move from tables to entities. Connect the dots to understand the big picture.

You look holistically for the answers to your questions. So we built an analytics layer that lets you do the same with your data.

Graph technology resolves underlying entities and clusters similar data types, allowing Signals engine to bridge unconnected databases and identify patterns.

Your partner in data science.

Enigma’s data experts help organizations develop targeted strategies and identify key data assets. Contact us to learn how we can be your partner in data science.

A graphic of a shape like a lego blockIndustry APIs.

Choose from our selection of industry-specific APIs for Banking, Insurance, Global Suppliers, and more.

A graphic of a wrench adjusting a nutCustomized APIs.

Contact us to learn how Signals can enable data-driven decisions in your organization.

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