A City-Sized Solution for Resource Deployment

Municipalities face tough decisions deciding where to deploy resources every day. In the case of preventing fires, Abstract powers the more efficient deployment of building inspectors to help save lives.


In 2013 alone, the US experienced 1.24 million fires, resulting in almost 20,000 deaths or injuries and causing over $11 billion in property damage. By identifying risks early and acting fast to fix them, cities can save lives. But key data connecting specific buildings to related fire risk factors—like past violations, age of structures, or environmental records—are housed in unlinked databases across multiple civil agencies. And with a limited number of inspectors with an increasing backlog of buildings to inspect, the clock is ticking to find more effective solutions.

Too many lives have tragically been lost in fires that could have been saved if there had been a working smoke alarm in the home. This collaboration is just the latest example of how the City is using data to provide more efficient and more effective services to the people of New Orleans.

An image of firefighters actively battling a blazing building

New Orleans First Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin on the city’s collaboration with Enigma, March 31, 2015


Enigma has partnered with the City of New Orleans and leverages its Abstract platform to swiftly link multiple agency databases with Enigma’s vast public data repository. The Abstract platform enables the discovery of the neighborhoods most at risk for fires so that new smoke alarms can be installed. And, cities across the country can share in the benefit: as Enigma’s platform learns factors that are predictive of fire in one place, it becomes more adept at predicting them in others.

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1. Data from multiple civic agencies is streamed into one central, searchable repository using Abstract’s adaptable ETL toolkit.

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2. Abstract’s ontology management tools link data on buildings from municipal data and Enigma’s public data, bridging each agency’s unique naming conventions or file types.

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3. Harmonized APIs talk to the Fire Department’s existing software, fully integrating intelligence without disrupting pre-existing workflows.

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