Sniff Out Trouble in Complex Systems

Detect and investigate suspicious behavior across large organizations with greater accuracy and speed. Trading desks, call centers, overseas business divisions—the Abstract platform unites data from all of them.


In the wake of the credit crisis, banks and other large corporations have seen compliance failures and employee fraud cause billions of dollars in losses and increased scrutiny from regulators. Currently, monitoring techniques and triggers are either applied in a modular, desk-by-desk basis, or they’re based on inflexible "black box" solutions that can’t adapt to the constant growth of innovative businesses. Across the disparate datasets in an enterprise are valuable indicators that, when combined, yield reliable indicators of fraudulent or non-compliant behavior.

U.S. and European banks paid nearly $65 billion in penalties and fines [in 2014], about 40% greater than 2013, the previous high, according to the Boston Consulting Group.


The Abstract platform can be deployed at petabyte scale and speed, requiring minimal effort to interact with each system within an organization. What were previously isolated data streams can now be fused, and, with our Signals applications, advanced real-time alerts and dynamically-updated dashboards can be created. Suspicious activities can be flagged more precisely, and organizations gain the confidence that they will become aware of damaging or illegal behavior before it reaches advanced stages.

Two shapes that look like lego pieces connecting together

1. Lightweight Abstract connectors easily and securely retrieve data from the diverse sources at every organizational level.

Arrows representing data moving through a pipe

2. Data streams are unified to allow for dynamic custom dashboard and alert creation.

A grid of shapes, with some elevated above others and distinctly marked

3. Tight control of row and source level permissioning allows for members of each compliance group to only access the data they need, when they need it—so swift action can be taken to prevent incidents before they happen.

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