Teach Your Supply Chain to Talk

Companies with resources spread across the globe need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.


It is a common problem for international manufacturers and distributors: long lead times paired with fluctuating demand creates inventory shortfalls or surpluses of products that can quickly become obsolete. Making matters worse, many businesses operate facilities in multiple countries running on equipment of varying age and type, feeding data into legacy manufacturing, logistics, and sales databases. None of which talk to one another — and they definitely don’t talk to you.

Companies that focus on improving their supply chain performance achieve much better financial and operational results than their peers do.


Dashboards and analyses that would have taken months to develop in a one-off way are now generated and populated instantly, offering an integrated global view into the supply chain. By linking siloed computer systems with Abstract APIs, managers can accurately benchmark performance across all facilities, create dashboards, build alerts, and even pull data seamlessly into big data analysis tools like Hadoop.

Two disparate puzzle pieces fit together

1. APIs for any database type, including Oracle and SAP, dramatically speed up data ingestion, drawing various facility-specific data sources into a unified environment.

Arrows representing data flowing into a bottleneck, with some escaping out the sides

2. Indexing of all of your data allows for quick search and tracing of particular orders and shipments seamlessly across your entire enterprise. Bottlenecks and losses are identified.

A circle and square laid over each other, with the intersection distinctly textured like a venn diagram

3. Programmatic notification of error/failure/delay to every stakeholder in the chain — not just the local factory leads. Decisions can be made immediately to better match supply and demand.

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